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The Dewerstone by Tim Dennell

This excellent guide provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on the crag and features a handful of routes not recorded in the current South Devon and Dartmoor Guide.. It is available in PDF format - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. You will probably already have this on your computer but if not a download is available from Adobe.

Dewerstone Guide PDF Download (approx.1MB)



A bit about Tim Dennell:

"Even though I've led E3s, I always described myself as a VS climber: 'cos I knew that when I was climbing regularly I could get up just about anything graded VS; no matter what the type of climb, how bad the weather, how little pro, how loose the rock etc; but certainly couldn't say the same of E3s. I've always thought a climber is defined by the grade at which they're established at, not the grade of their hardest ever lead.

I came to climbing late in my mid 20s, when my older brother decided he needed a second for a new year, SW, trip back in '83.

My first routes were at the Dewerstone .. and I've since spent around ten years being a SW enthusiast.

The Dewerstone was my local crag, and I got to know it better than most.

In the early 1990s, the S. Devon and Dartmoor guide went out of print. It was obvious this would remain out of print for a few years, so I wrote an interim guide to the Dewerstone that was published by a local outdoor pursuit's shop.

I also am a qualified counsellor.; I've written for various climbing mags, and Rowland (Edwards) and I produced Cornish Rock.

I'm currently back in Sheffield (the lure of grit!), working for the council, but attached to an IT project with the BBC. Have a S7 postcode, but more because I like Netheredge than a desire to have a trendy address.

Middle age is setting in, and I don't climb as much as I'd like (when at all) because career unfortunately gets in the way. Comes of having to catch up after having a misspent youth. My excuse!"

Tim wrote more which can be seen here.


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