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Tjugo på Kjuge

A DVD about bouldering in Kjugekull, Sweden!

Go down for our review. We also have an article on the bouldering and loads of photos!

Price: £19.99 includes Packing and postage to all worldwide destinations (excluding French Southern and Antarctic Territories).


Out of stock!

Buy now from javu. Or read an independent review first.

What Shawn Boye (the film maker) says:

"Tjugo på Kjuge features the ultimate circuit of Scandinavia's best bouldering area and explores the past, present and future of the beautiful Kjugekull nature reserve. Featuring highballs, lowballs, traverses, slopers, edges, you name it. Tjugo På Kjuge highlights some of the best granite bouldering in Scandinavia. The film follows powerhouse Harald Bohlin accompanied by Carl-Ola Boström, Johan Andersson, Gustav Kamf, Jonas Fajersson and Tina Yu on a tour of the best problems at Kjugekull.

The DVD includes the 72 Minute Director's Cut, 35 minute Outtakes film, Beta section and Gallery. PAL 4:3 Format, Subtitles in Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish. The film premiered at the 2005 Danish
Adventure Film Festival where it was nominated for best Action Sports film."

Tjugo på Kjuge - independent review by Craig Williams (March 2006)

"Featuring a bunch of talented Scandinavian boulderers on their home turf, this slickly put together film is a very watchable insight into a splendid venue. Good camera work, tough problems and, best of all, people who are passionate about what they do!

We follow the lads and lasses on trips to the area - Forest of Kjuge - all trying to bag established lines and ‘send’ their own modern classics. Camaraderie amongst the climbers is captured well and in no time you’ll find yourself rooting for complete strangers! - an ingredient sometimes lacking in climbing films.

The array of problems holds your interest, from delicate 8a walls to big thuggy strength fests. All are undertaken with plenty of commitment and concentration. These guys are serious. A lot of the problems are hard.. and they look it too!

This film is a multi-watch job definitely with enough extras to keep you happy. Good for those wash-out afternoons. The lack of showbiz is nice too - just a bunch of guys bouldering hard and enjoying it.

One thing though.. if reggae’s not your thing then turn the sound down and whack your stereo on! - its got subtitles so you’ll keep up."




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